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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Everstone Location

Everstone locations Turffield The easiest spot to get the Everstone in Pokemon Sword & Shield is actually fairly early in the game, in Turffield: Begin at the Pokecenter and head right Take the first left that is available, it'll be a small slope After that take the next first left You'll end up at a dead end with an Everstone as an item pickup sprite on the ground Digging Duo The less reliable method to get an Everstone is through the Digging Duo. Head to Bridge Field in the wild area and near the nursery you'll find the Digging Duo. Pay one of them 500W to dig for you and among other neat rewards, there's a chance that they'll dig up an Everstone,  Note:  There's no limit to the amount of times you can have them dig for you, so feel free to keep going as long as you have Watts

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Efficient Berry Farming Trick

Berry Farming Trick Instead of essentially gambling when shaking trees for berries in Pokemon Sword & Shield there's an easier more reliable way to maximize the amount of berries you get: After shaking the tree the first time you'll be able to feel and see it shaking.  When it vibrates occasionally you're good to shake the tree again. Once it starts vibrating consistently you can shake it one more time. Any shakes beyond that will summon a wild Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Destiny Knot Location

Location: The destiny knot can be bought at the Hammerlocke Central Pokecenter for 10 BP

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Breeding Cheat Sheet

Got tired of endlessly opening and closing new tabs and sifting through filler when I forgot something. Decided to write this out to get all of the important information available for Pokemon Sword & Shield breeding collected concisely in a single spot. The Cheat Sheet Essential Breeding Items Destiny Knot Allows for the child Pokemon to receive 5 IV's from parents [Location] Everstone Guarantees Passing down the nature of the parent Pokemon holding it EV Training This section goes over training your Pokemon's EVs in the most effective ways and what to do if you mess up. Battling wild Pokemon