Pokemon Sword & Shield: Everstone Location

Everstone locations


The easiest spot to get the Everstone in Pokemon Sword & Shield is actually fairly early in the game, in Turffield:
  1. Begin at the Pokecenter and head right
  2. Take the first left that is available, it'll be a small slope
  3. After that take the next first left
  4. You'll end up at a dead end with an Everstone as an item pickup sprite on the ground

Digging Duo

The less reliable method to get an Everstone is through the Digging Duo. Head to Bridge Field in the wild area and near the nursery you'll find the Digging Duo. Pay one of them 500W to dig for you and among other neat rewards, there's a chance that they'll dig up an Everstone, 

Note: There's no limit to the amount of times you can have them dig for you, so feel free to keep going as long as you have Watts


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