Pokemon Sword & Shield: Breeding Cheat Sheet

Got tired of endlessly opening and closing new tabs and sifting through filler when I forgot something. Decided to write this out to get all of the important information available for Pokemon Sword & Shield breeding collected concisely in a single spot.

The Cheat Sheet

Essential Breeding Items

Destiny Knot
Allows for the child Pokemon to receive 5 IV's from parents [Location]
Guarantees Passing down the nature of the parent Pokemon holding it

EV Training

This section goes over training your Pokemon's EVs in the most effective ways and what to do if you mess up.

Battling wild Pokemon

Stat Pokemon Location
Route 1, 2, 3 - All weather
Route 1 & 2 - All weather
Route 2 - All weather
Special Attack:
Dappled Grove - Normal Weather, Overcast, Raining, Thunderstorm.
East Lake Axewell - Snowing/Snowstorm (Honestly anywhere but East Lake Axewell has a higher spawn rate)
Watchtower Ruins - Cloudy, Fog, Hail, Rain, Sandstorm, Thunderstorm

EV Reducing Berries

Tomato Berry
Reduces a Pokemon's Speed by 10 EV points
Pomeg Berry
Reduces a Pokemon's HP by 10 EV points
Kelpsey Berry
Reduces a Pokemon's Attack by 10 EV points
Qualot Berry
Reduces a Pokemon's Defense by 10 EV points
Hondew Berry
Reduces a Pokemon's Special Attack by 10 EV points
Grepa Berry
Reduces a Pokemon's Special Defense by 10 EV points


  • Inheriting (Hidden) Abilities - You cannot randomly breed a hidden ability, it must be passed down from a parent that already has it. Both male and female parents can pass an ability down when breeding with a Ditto. (How to get hidden abilities)


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